The Obama Internet effect

While watching video of the Obama inauguration and intermittently checking incoming tweets tagged #inaug09, I wondered how the Internet was being strained or stretched. I couple of hours later, I checked the Internet Traffic Report and snagged the accompanying image (which I obviously annotated). From the top, the graphs show “Global Traffic Index,” “Global Response Time,” and “Global Packet Loss.”

There was a lot going on during that period, no doubt. Lots of streams being downloaded. Lots of tweets. Lots of images being transferred.

Link to the Internet Traffic Report.


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One response to “The Obama Internet effect

  1. pjm

    It’s a little morbid of me, but I’d like to see comparisons from, say, CNN, between the inauguration and the previous high-water mark of swamp-the-internet news-searching: September 11, 2001. That day taught a lot of web-server admins what “high availability” meant, as they struggled to throw enough resources online to serve the tremendous amount of traffic coming their way. It would appear most sites were ready for the load this time – I haven’t heard any tales of sites going down to “bare-bones” front pages the way the NYT did in 2001 – but your numbers suggest we strained the infrastructure a bit.

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