Fluvanna Habitat 5K

Hancock, Engel & Associates, a financial advisory practice of
Ameriprise Financial Services, announced it is sponsoring a 5K benefit to raise funds for Fluvanna County Habitat for Humanity effort to build eco-friendly houses over in that neck of the woods. For a wide variety of reasons (my interest in running, my connections with the Hancock et al. folks, my family connection to Fluvanna), I’m passing along the invitation.

We are so excited to let you know about the 5K race (2 mile walk) that we are sponsoring, along with Ragged Mountain Running Shop, to benefit Fluvanna County Habitat for Humanity! It will be held on March 7th at Pleasant Grove Farm. A flyer is attached [see link at image] as well as a link to Fluvanna Habitat’s website—both have details about the race. Sign the whole family up to participate! Invite your friends to run or walk!

I’ll be there, though I’m planning to work the race, not run it. If you show up, give me a shout!

Link to the Fluvanna Habitat Web site. For more info, contact Gladys at (434) 589-2463 or send a note to fluvannahabitat _at_ live [dot] com.


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