Richard Shaw show

In the Los Angeles Times Leah Ollman reviews the exhibition of current works and more by Richard Shaw that is on display at the gallery of my brother, Frank Lloyd. Mr. Shaw’s ceramic works (yes, that’s clay) fascinated me the first time I saw some. There’s exquisite detail and lots of humor. Ms. Ollman caught that:

Now playing at the Frank Lloyd Gallery: an Oscar-worthy performance by an inert substance in a sculpture role. In Richard Shaw’s fabulous show, clay takes on a panoply of guises — cigar box, paintbrush, animal skull, dollar bill — and plays them all brilliantly. Under Shaw’s direction, clay is the consummate actor, channeling identities with such conviction that we forget, momentarily, what’s real and what’s a different kind of real.

Link to Ms. Ollman’s review. Link to Frank’s gallery Web site. If I was in LA, I’d make a trip to see this show. Mr. Shaw is a professor at the University of California; see photos of more of his work there. Also see the entry on Frank’s blog.


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