EOL party!

A project of the Encyclopedia of Life, the “e-Biosphere 09 International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics,” will take place in London 1-3 June 2009. It will include talks about contemporary achievements in Biodiversity Informatics, as well as discussions about what the future for biodiversity informatics holds. One of the interesting features is the Online Conference Community:

The organizers of the e-Biosphere 09 International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics have created a series of electronic discussion forums under the umbrella of the “Online Conference Community” (OCC). The OCC offers researchers and users of Biodiversity Informatics the opportunity to interact and prepare for the conference which will take place in London on 1-3 June 2009.

The OCC has been divided into subcommunity discussion forums that focus on Biodiversity Informatics from a variety of perspectives—different users of biodiversity data, or data providers, or research priorities. Session 8 of the conference will be devoted to breakout discussion groups that correspond to the ten most active OCC subcommunities. This will enable participants in the OCC discussions to meet in person to continue their work and finalize their recommendations to the conference. Each discussion group will be asked to prepare a Position Paper describing the directions in which Biodiversity Informatics needs to develop in the next 5-10 years. The leaders of each discussion group will be invited to submit the Position Paper and accompanying manuscripts for possible publication in the Conference Proceedings volume.

Follow this link for more information about the event.


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