Apple disappoints me

It’s rare, but here is a case when I think Apple isn’t so admirable. In “Wal-Mart to sell iPhone before end of year,” Gregg Keizer of ComputerWorld reported on the Earth’s Monster Retailer planning to sell an Apple product. Given Apple’s aversion to discounting and Wal-Mart’s embrace of it, how will this work? And why would I, who plans never to buy anything at Wal-Mart, care? Sigh. I wish Apple hadn’t joined forces with this tentacle of consumerism. I know. I know. Apple sells consumer-oriented products and this alliance will make them even more competitive and, probably more appreciated, but, sheeesh…you know?



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3 responses to “Apple disappoints me

  1. pjm

    You can imagine that I’m not thrilled with this development either, but given that I’m not actually in the market for an iPhone (aside from the initial cost of the thing, it would double my monthly cell phone bill) it doesn’t bother me too much.

    I’m guessing Wal-Mart won’t get a discount price on the gadget, and that won’t bother them. Wal-Mart’s strategy has always been about drawing customers in with discounts on visible goods, sometimes to the point of losing money on them, while collecting a normal margin on less-visible inventory. (This is called “signpost pricing,” and the common idea of “loss leaders” is sometimes involved.) The iPhone, like certain car models, has sufficient demand that there’s no need to discount to ensure a market; Wal-Mart may accept the lack of discount to pull potential customers in to the stores where they’ll buy other items.

    This is also a strategy Wal-Mart (and Target) often uses with music, signing contracts with big-name artists to distribute new releases exclusively through the giant for a month or two before allowing other retailers in. I think Bruce Springsteen found himself apologizing to his fans for such a contract a few months ago, if I recall correctly.

    What would really disappoint me is if Apple went down the road many producers do with Wal-Mart, which is not only allowing a discount for the monster, but compromising quality to maintain their own margin on the discounted product.

    Unfortunately for everyone, because the normal retail channels for iPhones are either directly through Apple or through Cingular/AT&T retail outlets, there are no “local” options for buying iPhones.

  2. From you: And why would I, who plans never to buy anything at Wal-Mart, care? Sigh. I wish Apple hadn’t joined forces with this tentacle of consumerism.

    From me: Amen, amen, amen! I am sooooooo anti-Wal-Mart it’s not even funny!

    • From this looks of it, my comments are composed of pet fans.

      PJM, I suspect your analysis is on the proverbial $$.

      SoCal, though never is a long time, I’m with ya’. (BTW, how’s teaching?)

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