Odd EDAR traffic

A couple of days ago, the traffic coming to this site spiked markedly, going up more than three times the usual level. I wondered, “What’s up with that?”

Well, the traffic was aimed mostly at my post about a not-for-profit organization called “Everyone Deserves a Roof” (EDAR) from 11 December 2008. I thought, “hmmm, must’ve been some news about EDAR.”

So, I checked Google Trends and, sure enough, there was a recent uptick in traffic for the term “EDAR.” So, I wondered whether people were promoting the not-for-profit that I’d mentioned in my earlier post.

But, nope. A little additional sleuthing—I looked at the Web addresses Google Trends showed as associated with the spikes in Web traffic—revealed that people went to pages about (a) a car company in Maylasia and (b) a story about a WII game about building one’s own house.


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