Cramer is a transitive verb

In my post 15 March 2009, I suggested that Jon Stewart should “cramer” some people from AIG. “Cramer” is a transitive verb that refers to the manner in which Mr. Stewart overwhelmingly demonstrated the wrongness of the putative reporting about financial matters by Jim Cramer and, in Mr. Stewart’s view, the entire CNBC broadcasting group.

Here are some possible synonyms for the verb “cramer”:

  • eviscerate;
  • expose;
  • catch dead to rights;
  • make say “uncle”

Mr. Cramer may be a smart guy, but that interview looked like a battle of wits with one party unarmed.

I’d be glad to entertain others. Drop ’em in the comments. Here’s a link to the earlier post where I first used “cramer” as a verb.


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