Baseball openers

With the opening of the baseball season, I was probably already vulnerable for being taken by a post evoking some history of the diamond. When my brother Frank sent me a link to a post by Nancy Cantwell about a baseball outing in the 1950s to Polo Grounds, I jumped to it.

Then, as I paged through the her site, I found that she apparently appreciated Jon Stewart’s re-arrangement of Cramer (as did I); Ms. Cantwell has links to those videos in another of her posts. What is more, in a post about Werner Herzog she’s got a link to a base-jumping video (one of my other faves).



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2 responses to “Baseball openers

  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip back to the Polo Grounds. These pictures seem to resonate for many of us. I love that you have turned “Cramer” into a verb. I wish Stewart had a chance to Cramer the whole of W. Bush and Co. I know he let off Lynn Cheney way too easy!

    My mother used to take me to see Pete Seeger. It looks like quite the birthday bash.

    Also thanks for introducing me to Mark Fiore’s Gringo Guns!

  2. Nancy, you must’ve taken quite the tour! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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