Idiocy unleashed

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology (2nd ed.) by Kay Lagerquist, Ph.D., and Lisa Lenard

This book is dedicated to all of you who long for meaning and want to understand how to live your life with consciousness and move with the flow. As our greatest spiritual journey is to “Know Thyself,” as mandated by the Oracle of Delphi in Pythagoras’s time, I offer the wisdom of numerology as a light on the path. May you be guided to the highest and best expression your soul’s purpose, through the numbers.
April, 2004

According to the back jacket of the book, Ms. Lagerquist’s doctorate is in metaphysics. Penguin publishers describes her as “a professional numerologist, counselor, and workshop leader.” She may also have a book on reading Tarot cards. There’s even a Web site: and a phone (waaaaaaiiit for it, please) number: 360.221.2696. For the numerologically exitable, the sum of those digits is equal to 1. (For those who remember it, you can do this by “casting out nines.”)

I am not making up this story. The ISBN is ISBN 1-59257-215-4 and that sum is equal to 5. According to one of the entries on Ms. Lagerquist’s Web site, 5 sounds like a number that should be avoided. The words she lists as associated with a year that sums to 5 are: (a) Chaos, (b) Rebellion, (c) Communication, (d) Uncertainty, (e) Instability, (f) Sudden change, and (g) Media / promotion. (I guess I should have enumerated that catalog instead of using letters, hunh?) I wonder if she would have had better sales with a different ISBN.

Thanks to Tim Slocum for the diversion!


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