Building with beak and talons

Creating a nest when one doesn’t have an opposable thumb must be a serious job. Over on Peace, Caffeine, Linux Scott Fraser posted video of a Coopers Hawk working on a nest. Check it by following this link to Mr. Fraser’s blog entry. While you’re there, poke around a bit; he has lots of interesting content.



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2 responses to “Building with beak and talons

  1. Meg

    Wonderful video, we have Cooper’s hawks stop by our yard in Arizona often. Had a young one come by and sit on our back wall the other day. Such a beautiful bird. I posted a few photos of him/her.

  2. Meg, thanks for the note. At our new place, we have many Coopers Hawks. Although we’ve seen Coopers repeatedly for many years, because we’re new to this particular neighborhood, we are just learning about these particular birds

    They are repeatedly sitting on tree branches that overlook our bird feeders. No surprise, hunh?

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