Envy is mine

Kurt Streeter reported about attending the Prefontaine Classic. Along the way, he took the opportunity to wonder why track doesn’t have the following it once did in the US. But, his appreciation of the meet was the main thing. Here’s his lead:

Reporting from Eugene, Ore. — Speaking with running legend Alberto Salazar late last week I noted that I was heading off to the Prefontaine Classic, the celebration of track and field held each year in Eugene, Ore. This, I told him, would be my first “Pre.”

“You’re going to love it,” Salazar replied. “It’s condensed. Just a few hours of nonstop action. Incredible fans . . . If it’s going to catch on in this country, this is the way track should be.”

It didn’t take long on Sunday to see that Salazar was right, on all counts.

I envy Mr. Streeter’s opportunity to watch the events at the meet. I would like to attend some day. When I lived in Eugene, it existed in another guise. Pre was still running for a couple of those years. After he died (a year before we moved to Illinois), the “Hayward Field Restoration Race” was renamed. I missed the chance to see the races. Sigh.

Read Mr. Streeter’s report. The track-and-field section of the Eugene Register Guard has more (with photos; note that this link is generic and will yield different content in a few days). There are other sources, too. See the Run Oregon entry by Joe Dudman and Kelly Johnson and, especially, the Web site dedicated to the event (though it was down when I hit it this AM).


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  1. I am sending you by snail mail a copy of the Streeter article. I knew you’d be on top of it, since you are a runner and lived in Eugene. The writer did a good job of communicating the thrill of live track and field events.

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