Sacagawea recognized

Lewis-Clark-Sacagawea statue looking west
Lewis-Clark-Sacagawea statue

A celebration commemorating the unveiling of a historic marker honoring Sacajawea, the Lemhi Shoshone woman who made important contributions to the success of the exploration by M. Lewis and W. Clark (and their “corps of discovery”), will be held 19 June 2009 in Charlottesville. The event, which will be open to the public, is to be begin at 1:00 PM at the site of the Lewis and Clark Statue (McIntire and West Main, Charlottesville). For those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, there’s a map appended to this post.

This latest development reflects concern local citizens have expressed about the statue and, more importantly, the portrayal of many people who have made unrecognized contributions to US history and culture. If either of my two current readers can remember something beyond yesterday, she’ll recall that I posted a couple of notes about this statue and others’ responses to it over the years.

The city of Charlottesville has a page about the event. There is also a PDF about the event (download). My earlier posts were “Sacagawea Day” (9 October 2007) and “More on Sacagawea” (7 July 2008)


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