Sacagawea promoted

After many years of questioning her depiction in a statue of the Corps of Discovery, people in Charlottesville got a chance to recognize Sacagawea’s contribution to US history on 19 June 2009. Accompanied by descendants of Sacagawea and local Native American’s who hosted their visit, dignitaries of the local government unveiled a plaque honoring her part in the exploration of the north american continent by M. Lewis and W. Clark.

Although many folks have remarked about possible interpretations of Sacagawea’s depiction in the statue, clear and public expressions of concern about the statue by a few local citizens (especially Camille Cooper and Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell) encouraged the city government to install a plaque next to it commemorating her role in the epic exploration. Rachana Dixit reported the story for the C’ville Daily Progress. There’s lots more on the Internet, as these searches from Goog and Bing reveal. (Also see earlier posts here for additional notes; use the search feature in the navigation bar.)


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