I hustled home from work early today (yes, it was a Sunday) to catch a bit of the USA Track & Field (USATF) championships on TV. Beyond my own running (going poorly, but thanks for asking), there are several reasons for my interest. But mostly, it was just good to see T&F on TV.

Part of the interest was the local folks in the contests. Another part was that I lived fewer than a few kilometers from Hayward Field in Eugene (OR, US) for a few years. An additional part was that I though the combination vindicated my pleasure in K. Streeter’s recent article about T&F at Hayward. Yet another part was that I figured Parker Morse (sometimes commenter here virtually and also visitor here physically) would provide inside scoop.

I wasn’t disappointed on any of those fronts. Hayward looked spiffy. Gay, Keveren, Jesien, Garcia, and other U.Va folks acquitted themselves well. And Mr. Morse had sage observations.

But, how about the problem with the hurdle in the women’s steeplechase? Sheesh, it’s odd for a world-class facility to make that mistake. Check Mr. Morse’s observations.

The finish among David Payne, Allan Trammell, and Aries Merrit in the 110 hurdles was something. And, how about Dwight Phillips going 8.57m (yes, lightly wind aided)? Anyone doubt that we’ll hear more about sprinter Chalonda Goodman and thrower Anastasia Jemlini in the next 5-10 years? And the vaulters? Jumpers? Distance folks!

So, scoot on over to the USATF site and read what’s happened. And take a few secs to check Parker Morse’s reports (e.g., day 3 here) and unsponsored observations (gotta love “Flathills Rd”).


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