Fav SSB?

Given that it’s the run-up to the US celebration of its nationhood, I have a question for you: What is your favorite version of the US national anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner?”

I consider patriotism a modest virtue. I’d prefer loyalty to human kindness over loyalty to a geographic region or a tribe. Still, I have to admit that I sometimes feel pride (or som’thin’ like that) when I hear a rendition of the patriotic song for the country of my origin.


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One response to “Fav SSB?

  1. pjm

    I recall a quote (but not a source) comparing a singer attempting the Star Spangled Banner, which is notoriously difficult to sing, to a bullfight: “You want a good performance, but there’s always that teeny-tiny hope for a little carnage.”

    (I think the steeplechase is like that too, actually.)

    I like it best when done straight by a “military band” ensemble (i.e. no strings). The Sousa arrangement, if such a thing actually exists. Clichés only exist because there was something which was considered worth repeating, after all. In high school I acquired the bad habit of humming the low brass part to myself when the song was being sung…

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