Stupid me

A few months ago, I thought that the anniversary of the Apollo mission would be a good reason for a post. So, I drafted one and scheduled it for the day 2009/07/20 when people first stepped onto an extra-terrestrial object. Of course, as anyone who follows the news knows, there are lots (should I make that bold faced?) of reports about Apollo 11 these days. My planned post turns out to be minor blip. Sigh. My misjudgment. See, for example, my pointer to the marvelous “We Choose the Moon.”

Anyway, the post’ll appear soon. And I can laugh at my foolish presumption.

Still, ain’t it amazing that this anniversary is upon us? In a few 100 years (if humans have avoided destroying our local planet), the Apollo 11 flight will surely be a signal marker in Earth’s and Humankind’s history. We Choose the Moon is a fine resource.


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