Squandering time on wasting space

If either of you readers is an academic, you might know that the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association—APA style—has recently appeared in its sixth edition. It came with a recommendation that people who submit manuscripts revert to typing two (count ’em, two) spaces after sentence-ending punctuation (and colons). My colleague Dan Hallahan and I found this recommendation to be a reason for quizzical looks at each other. So, we created a blog devoted to discussing the topic. We welcome the curious to SpaceWaste, where we’ve dumped an inordinate amount of time over the past ~two weeks. Visitors will find comments about how this affects those who (a) type original manuscripts, (b) read manuscripts as referees, and (c) edit documents for publication.

(I know, I know: Both of you may follow the style of the Modern Language Association or consult the Chicago Manual of Style. I respect those venerable systems. I’m just talking about APA style because it’s the appropriate one for my discipline. Please pass a link to SpaceWaste along to your colleagues who use APA style.)


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