Lacayo deconstructs Beck’s spins

Richard Lacayo, who writes about art and architecture over at Time, has a blog entry entitled “Glenn Beck: Crack(ed) Symbologist” in which he exposes the faulty thinking that sometimes passes as analysis in popular culture. In his entry, Mr. Lacayo explains how popular commentator Glenn Beck begins (warning: muddled metaphors ahead) spinning at something close to the speed of a very fast hard disk—say, 7200 rpm—and, like a cartoon tornado, simply lifts off from reality.

Glenn Beck, the conservative commentator and self-proclaimed “rodeo clown”, found a new hobby horse the other night — secretly “communist” and “fascist” art buried into the exterior design program of Rockefeller Center. In Beck’s rant he also managed to imply that “Rockefeller”, it’s not clear which Rockefeller he meant, was also somehow a secret communist. Or was it a fascist? Or maybe both.

Mr. Lacayo, who knows how to put words together, uses his skill in analysis and writing to dismantle Mr. Beck’s interpretations. I am routinely (as in daily) amazed at how people can ascribe sinister intentions to others, as Mr. Beck appears to have done. I wonder if Mr. Beck would have seen these things if he hadn’t believed them. Sigh.

Link to Mr. Lacayo’s blog entry. Flash of the electrons to my brother Frank for prompting me to read Mr. Lacayo’s posts (again) by including Mr. Lacayo’s blog in his blogroll.


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One response to “Lacayo deconstructs Beck’s spins

  1. franklloydgallery

    Yeah, Richard Locayo is a great wordsmith and also an amazingly perceptive cultural critic. I thought about writing a post like yours–just to make sure that readers everywhere are paying attention to his observations. Glenn Beck’s truly disturbing rants also got the attention of Tyler Green on Modern Art Notes.

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