Lucinda Williams was here

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams played the C’ville Pavillion 26 September, rocking the appreciative crowd and the rain. It was the third in Pat’s summer concert series, though summer’s officially ended now, and definitely worth the price of admission.

Ms. Williams ordered the set of songs chronologically by album, starting with Rambling and progressing to Little Honey, announcing each before performing it. It included “I Lost It,” “Something About What Happens When we Talk,” “Drunken Angel,” “Tears of Joy,” and “It’s a Long Way to the Top” as well as many more songs than I can remember.

She wore a multi-fabric ballcap with a bill that hid her eyes. She announced her marriage one week earlier, and she brought a couple onto the stage, where the man asked the woman to marry him.

Ms. Williams’ band, Buick 6, performed a brief set of its own before backing her. Initially I thought we were going to get an arty, indulgent rock sound, but after a couple of songs I began to enjoy their work. They were very tight and strong.

Rain fell throughout the performance. It ran off the Pavillion’s fabric roof on both sides and soaked the seating in the grassy area at the back. Probably the weather reduced the size of the crowd. Fortunately, Pat had secured row-2 seats for us.


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