apps series

As a consequence of my recent acquisition of an iPhone (3GS, 32 gb, 3.1.2), I’m learning about apps. I thought I’d post irregularly about what I’ve found interesting among these products. I’ll have to see how the series evolves, but I expect that it’ll include both quick reviews, comments, observations about the genre, and such.

Although the posts will be associated with the technology category, I’m going to give the series a category of its own, also. In keeping with what I see as current usage, I decided not to capitalize the category name.

Of course, folks are welcome to critique my observations and reviews. Note, however, that I shall monitor comments and, as I don’t want the posts to turn into an advertising opportunity for spammers (even if they are pushing good products), I’ll tag anything that looks suspicious to me. So, to keep addresses off the blacklists, I recommend that developers limit comments about their products.


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