Eye Glasses

I need ’em. I can see things at a distance quite easily but, when it comes to near vision, I carry 2.50 magnification reading glasses. In this context, because I’d read about Freeverse’s app, Eye Glasses, it was one of the first apps I acquired.

The Eye Glasses app is ideal for farsighted individuals, those with reading glasses or bifocals, senior citizens and anyone that just needs to see more clearly. Both for convenience and in Emergencies, the Eye Glasses app is one more task the iPhone can do — and it’s always in your pocket.

Eye Glasses uses the iPhone 3GS autofocusing camera to clearly display text or imagery. To use Eye Glasses, choose between 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x magnification and hold the iPhone camera about five inches away from the item you want to see magnified!

I’ve used Eye Glasses only a few times in the first 10 days of having it on my iPhone. Most of those instances have been for the purposes of play, but I imagine I’ll be glad to have it several times in the future (e.g., removing a splinter).

I was somewhat surprised to see that I couldn’t find an information button on the app’s screens. Probably that omission is by design, but I haven’t deduced why it was designed without that function.

Link to Freeverse’s page about Eye Glasses.


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