Let’s talk about health care

I am very glad that the US Senate has agreed to have a public discussion of a plan to provide health care coverage for the citizens of the United States. As do many of my fellow citizens, I do not agree with each and every aspect of the current bill, but I am glad to have something that achieves important goals for my country.

If the USA is to be a world leader, we must ensure that our citizens are capable of accomplishing new, important tasks—inventing, creating, reproducing—and being healthy is a critical part of it. Moreover, ending exploitive actions by health insurance entities (today’s equivalent of Teddy Roosevelt’s trusts) will help the US be more competitive, too.

Give the US a sensible health-care policy, and it will be in a better position. Let’s have the debate. Let’s figure out how to make it a good policy, regardless of political affiliation.


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