We got some

John's Snow Photo 20091219

It was fluffy, light, dry snow. There was a lot of it. It never was as intense as I remember a storm in DeKalb (IL, US) in ’78 or so, but this one kept on coming for a long time. It began ~4 PM Friday and pretty much continued until it (mahaps) let up, after a few spits and starts, about 6:00 PM Saturday.

This photo shows our back porch Sat afternoon. I had shoveled a path to the feeders the night before I took this photo. That path was gone. This porch got a lot of drift. I remade the path (rahh that it was light, dry snow) and we’ll be able to feed birds at these feeders Sunday. Please understand that there are areas of drift around our new house, so the depth is exaggerated in the photo. We actually seem to have 12-15 inches (as of 20091218 at about 6:15 PM) .

I used my snowshoes to walk-run the 1800-2000 meters to Corey’s I don’t know how I’ll enter this event in my copy of The Athlete’s Diary. I stopped often to visit with folks who were out of their houses, shoveling cars (most of the cars should not be used on the streets under the conditions at the time I visited with their drivers). I saw one person running on Ridge and another skiing on W. Main. Good for them!

I helped some folks get a 4-wheel-drive SUV up a road near our house. It shouldn’t have been on the the road. They’ll be better at navigating the next time they encounter this sort of storm. Given this storm’s intensity, they may need to wait a dozen or score of years to get their next opportunity

I hope to get (and post) more photos of the snow tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Except that I bought products from the company, I have no financial relationship with the creators of The Athlete’s Diary and related products from Stevens Creek.


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