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As a National Basketball Association (NBA) junkie (my brother’s diagnosis), I have two NBA-sponsored apps: NBA Game Time Lite (free) and NBA League Pass. The latter permits me to watch lots of games on the tiny iPhone screen, provided that the game is not blocked because I’m in a geographic region that is within the broadcast area of the home team. In addition to the live feeds, it also provides standings, simple and more detailed results, and other features.

The free app does not provide video. I can get current scores from around the league, standings, and more. What’s interesting to me is that the for-fee League Pass updates less frequently than the free Game Time Lite! I can, however, alter the settings on the Game Time Lite to lenghten its refresh interval, but why should I as a close game comes to an end?

What is more, the data from League Pass seem to report the time remaining in the games more accuratelyl. At least twice I’ve switched back and forth between the apps while the time remaining in a game dwindled. The more expensive League Pass gave a gross estimate of the time remaining (e.g., “under 4 minutes”) while the free Game Time Lite reported the number of seconds remaining and updated every 15 seconds.

So, if a game is blacked out, am I better off when I use the free app? Is there no NBA coordination of the app-development efforts? Is there a problem with this business model?

Anyway, I’m glad to have these apps. They’re even valuable when one can watch a game live on TV, as they permit one to monitor team and player stats in real time. I’m removing neither Game Time nor League Pass from my phone.


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