Les Richter

Lots of folks remember Les Richter as prototypical football player for the Los Angeles Rams during the 1950s and early 60s, but I remember him as a baseball coach who lived in my neighborhood. In the Los Angeles Times Jerry Crowe provided a recount of Mr. Richter’s accomplishments and musings about why he hasn’t been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I wasn’t much of a football fan, but just about any kid in LA at the time knew who Mr. Richter was. So, it was quite a treat to have him serve as the assistant coach one year for the team on which I played. To me he was the big man&mdasheach of his thighs must have been as big in diameter as my entire, reedy, early adolescent waist—who looked you in the eye and spoke to you directly and clearly.

In my book, he should be recognized for his community work as well as his football prowess. Mr. Crowe recounts some of both of those, as well as more about Mr. Richter in The gripping story of former L.A. Ram Les Richter (where you’ll see that Mr. Richter still has lots of his hair…more than I have left).


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