Chilean cities shift left

OSU map showing quake movement
Geologic movements by Chilean cities

Concepción, Chile, moved over 3 meters west-southwest with the earthquake 27 February 2010, according to research by a team of geologists. The multi-university group, called the “Central and Southern Andes GPS Project,” used GPS data before and after the quake and found that many other locations shifted substantially westward, as the South American Plate pushed over the eastward moving Nazca Plate.

By commenting on the geology, I don’t mean to ignore or mitigate the sadness the quake brought to people. The human consequences of this and similar events give me pause, but the earth science knocks me back.

I’m wondering how much higher the Andes Mountains are after this quake. Anyone know?

Three plus meters! Wow! That’s a different meaning for Carole King’s lyric “I feel the earth move under my feet.”

See the Ohio State University press release, “Researchers Show how far South American Cities Moved in Quake,” for more, including a link to the map shown here. Also see the Wikipedia entry, “2010 Chile earthquake.”


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