Put some step in your PEP!

The Performers Exchange Project, that local collective of five theater artists that’s done many wonderful things around town, is planning to take one of those projects, Our American Ann Sisters, on the road. You can help fund the serious frivolity (errr, frivolous seriosity?).

Not only has PEP brought Our American Ann Sisters to life, it’s also created events such as Shentai (one or two of you may have read about it here) and many of the folks were instrumental in the development of the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers (it was here, too). They’re marvelous contributors to the central Virginia community’s arts world. Step right up! Help them share their art.

Here’s part of their pitch:

We are holding a short and crucial online fund drive through Kickstarter that ends April 25th. The purpose of the drive is to raise a large percentage of the funds needed to take Our American Ann Sisters through our summer tour in 2010. So far we are planning performances in Roanoke, Richmond, NYC, Catskills, and Providence. This tour is important to us because it will be the first time we’ve shared our unusual method of theatre-making and the product of our work outside Charlottesville.

Would you please give something to help us make this happen? We have very little time left to meet our goal … and Kickstarter requires that we meet 100% of our fundraising goal. Otherwise, the money is forfeited and anyone who’s already pledged will not be charged. Donations are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 nonprofit umbrella, Piedmont Council for the Arts, and you will receive a gift letter in the mail.

Well they’ve met their minimum, but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting the endeavor. Link the site for making donations. Learn more about PEP. See previous posts about Shentai and {CLAW}


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