Batesville 10K

2010 Batesville 10K shirt

Yep, I earned the shirt. I didn’t run my age (in fact, my official time will be plenty slower than my actual time, as I made a couple of side trips along the way), but I ran nearly the entire way (walked a water stop) and am happy to have made it.

This is a challenging course. It was the first real race I ran in my former running life. I think it was the spring of 1986 when I first ran it. The description from the entry blank understates it:

The course is a scenic, hilly course run entirely on paved roads. Elevation at start is 622 feet, highest elevation at Crown Orchard is 965 feet.
• Start 0.1 mile west of the Batesville United Methodist Church, the course runs through the village of Batesville on Plank Road (Route 692) to Stillhouse Creek Road (Route 693).
• Turn right and climb through Crown Orchard, then right on Burnt Mountain Road (Route 693) to Craigs Store Road (Route 635).
• Turn right and follow Craigs Store Road to Batesville, then right on Plank Road east to finish at the site of Batesville Day.

It is scenic, the roads are paved, and the elevation does change. “Hilly” is a bit of a misnomer, though. That ~340-ft rise is all in the first 3 miles. Then one gets to go down 50-60 ft before going back up nearly to the highest elevation again. Brutal. Here’s a map from Google:

Thanks to Hamp and the Ruritans for coordinating this event.


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