Neil on Jag sedan

I regularly grind my teeth when someone talks about what a now-deceased person would want, like, etc. In this situation, though, I’m pretty sure my dead-too-early brother would have loved Dan Neil’s review of the new Jag sedan:

The 2011 XJ couldn’t possibly, as a machine, live up to all this sculptured sin.

It does. Actually, it’s a monster. Hugely civilized, desperately fast, drenched in high-tech amenities and executed with the kind of spirit and joie de vivre than makes the competitive German products look positively Amish, the new Jag is now the presumptive favorite in the full-size premium sedan category. Put another way: If you buy anything else you need a dog and a white cane.

When Mr. Neil moved from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal, I feared I wouldn’t be able to read his excellent prose. I’m glad to find that Mr. Neil’s columns are not behind the Journal’s for-cost door. Here’s a link for this one.


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