1st to 17th bdays?

Dear Little Baby

I hope you have a happy birthday, today. I suspect your parents and many others will provide a big party for you. You may not understand much about birthdays, and it’ll be a many moons before you understand these celebrations. That’s O.K., because this is your first one. What do you know? You’re just learning.

After perhaps your third birthday, you’ll get the idea that birthday parties are pretty exciting for parents. Parents help to make them exciting for you by associating your annual start of another year around the our Sun with special foods, gifts, animated talking, and even some bouncy, jumping movements.

Over the years (in keeping with pretty fancy educational programming, even if your parents didn’t know that they planned it that way) these things will gradually change. For example, in few years, the food aspect will be less about cake and ice cream and more about where you’d like to go for dinner and the movements will become be less bouncy-jumpy and more about hugs (still about closeness!). The talking will change from “ga-gah-goo-goo” to remembering previous birthdays or tolerating other guests at the birthday party when they say, “Oh, I remember you when you were just this big” (thumb and fore-finger held closely together).

As should be the case at this early party, your parents will be very closely associated with your birthday celebrations. That’s because these celebrations are especially important to them, too. That’s because they get to be at the party. That’s because it’s really great for them to see you…just to see you, to marvel at your very existence. Just to feel their chins muscles move up and the corners of their eyes crinkle. That’s because, each year, they’ll be so happy to have loved you for another year.

Enjoy this one as best you can. You’ll come to anticipate these little events, I am pretty sure.


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