Visiting Victor

We had some fun visiting with a cousin (by marriage) of Pat’s who lives in Hong Kong. Victor, who also runs a design business in Hong Kong and Beverly Hills, took us for a delightful stroll around parts of Town Center. At one point, as we walked along a foot bridge, we were able to look down on street vendors, and I got this photo of a fruit stand.

We started by visiting a shop—Shanghai Tang—which Victor decorated and then walked lots of little places, stopping at the shops of people whom he knows. We ambled while the local crowds hustled along their way. A little later, Victor took us to a restaurant called “Love” where we had a good vegetarian meal. Pat had an avacado sandwich and I had a black bean casedia. Even later, we made the nearly obligatory trip to The Peak.

Visiting with Victor, whom I’d never met before, was quite a treat. He has lots of stories about Pat’s family that were new to me (though the players in them were familiar aunts and uncles) and about his business, V A D I, decorating hotels and such. We look forward to seeing him again.


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