Green Island #1

Soon after arriving on Green Island, a rustic spot about 50 ferry minutes to the east of Taitung (TW), our new friend Hsin-Ning took us to the restaurant shown in the accompanying image for lunch. (Check the wooden Native Americans to the right of the entrance!)

We three shared a large table near the rear of the place with another group of four. The table was made from a huge, irregularly shaped, thick piece of rough-hewn wood, so there was room for 3-4 more people between our two groups. The back wall was completely glass, so we could look back across the thin strip of the Pacific toward Taitung. (I have not yet ever tired of watching water, much as I can monitor the flames of a fire for long periods of time.) That experience was pretty nice.

What was even nicer was the food, though. We had a big (大) plate of sashimi (huge would be more like it) that was tongue tender; steamed dragon tentacles (veg) with garlic; shrimp flash-fried in some very light, sweet dusting of something; a couple of other dishes; and rice (naturally). We finished with watermelon and a specialty desert. Ultra-fresh and simply prepared so that the foundational item shone. Yumm!

Green Island is a pretty nifty spot. Motorscooters and bicycles probably outnumber automobiles in about the ratio one could derive by counting them in the picture; there are many tourists here who have rented scooters and are circumnavigating the island in pods of 10-12. The main road that goes around the island has an advertisement for a pending marathon, which looks to have a pretty nifty course.

There’s plenty to see and do, enough to merit a couple of days, though we’re staying only about 24 hours. We have the good fortune of having Hsin-Ning—a native and probably one of only a few, if any natives, with a Ph.D.—guiding us.


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