Pre-race runs are cool but daunting

I ran Jay’s Wilderman’s race course this AM. It’s the local (CHO) Independence Day Race and Jay’s been directing it for something like 15 years (más o menos). It was a beauty-ful AM for such an event, especially given that there have been many sweltering races in the past and many sweltering days in the recent past. My guess is that today’s start was in the low 60s with modest humidity.

Despite the fine conditions, only about 100 people registered on race day. Of course, with pre-registration of 1.5X that, there were still plenty of runners for this event, and I saw lots of friends and familiar faces. It’s a 5K that runs through a local neighborhood, going out, turning north (and a little east), cutting down a spur, circling back south (and a little west), and then coming back to join the outgoing path for the last 800-1000 meters.

I ran the course before changing into my volunteer clothing and was surprised that I ducked in under 10/mpm. I didn’t think I had been moving that fast. These days, when I run an unknown course, I just record my pace as ~11:00. I have a local course that I have estimated at 5K, and I’ve been running it in 31-33; maybe my estimate of the distance is erroneous. When one’s old, as am I, these things fascinate one, but they don’t really matter.

Anyway, I stray from the point: There were a few hundred folks who ran this course. Some were faster; some were slower. Some struggled; some exalted. Some didn’t stop running after crossing the finish line; others shouldn’t have crossed the line at all. Some were younger (and at least two kids cried as their parents ushered them over the finish line); some were older (way to go, Wendell!). But, they all finished Jay’s race.

I’d call it a success.


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