Pat eats meat!

We are dining at Zinc tonight. Some will note that there was a feature in Edible Blue Ridge recently about folks raising pigs for local restaraunts. Pat, who doesn’t usually eat meat, ordered a bit of ‘Doobie,’ one of those pigs for dinner.

The first photo shows her preparing to tuck into the dish. The second shows Zinc proprieter Vu Nguyen sitting with Pat during her first bites.

The idea is simple. Coordinate the entire process from production through serving of food. The local team includes Jarrett Freeman and chef Justin Hershey.

Vu says, “Jarret was the developer of our version of the concept. He deserves the credit.” He also characterizes the Zinc approach as, “Seasonally inspired, locally acquired.”

Read the EBR article. Eat at Zinc.

Let's eat!

Pat and Vu


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