Moving pictures!

Today is a great anniversary for the movies. Not only can we celebrate the 1889 demonstration attributed to Thomas Edison of the first motion picture (though William Lincoln’s “zoopraxiscope” predated it and Louis Lumiere “Cinematographe” really got the show rolling), but also we can raise a glass to the 1927 release of “The Jazz Singer,” the first of the feature-length “talkies” that people still seem to enjoy.

Amazing how things have changed. And, I wonder what it cost to get a ticket to see Al Jolson…anyone know? says $0.25, but I recall paying that much in the 1950s, so it sounds a bit high. Maybe it was a nickel matinee in the 50s? Later this week we’ll pay many ones of dollars to see a matinee of the current release, “Social Network.”


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