CLAW climbs to Penthouse?

Or should that headline be “sinks to Penthouse?” Well, anyway, Penthouse magazine, one of those sometime-purveyors of prurience, picked up on the lady-arm-wrestling movement and traced it back to C’ville. Start by considering whether this lead (lede?) describes something with a familiar feel:

The scene taking place in the back room of Chicago’s Mystic Celt bar has all the trappings of a fetish film. A twenty something blonde wearing brown furry bear ears and leggings dances with a modern-style geisha to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough.” They’re soon joined by a pink Strawberry Shortcake and a pregnant Angelina Jolie impersonator. It’s an almost innocent scene, until the bearish femme growls and rips a baby doll from between the legs of the would-be Angie. Too bad no one else is even paying attention.

Instead, 150-plus pairs of eyes are glued to Karie Miller as the mistress of ceremonies stomps onto the red-and black-streaked plywood platform that serves as a stage. The 28-year-old—a towering glamazon in fish nets and a black tutu, breasts straining against her deep V-neck tank top—yells, “Shut the fuck up!” She bats her silver-lined eyelashes in flirtatious frustration before adding, in a naughty Russian accent, “This is when I tell you who the wrestlers are, so shut the fuck up!”

Kristen Coronado, who wrote the article, scoured the US for multiple instances of lady arm-wrestling tournaments and learned that the root was Charlottesville’s Lady Arm Wrestling (i.e., {CLAW}) events of a few years ago. Ms. Coronado did her homework and followed the trail here, so there’s plenty of local commentary with Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell. You can read it all in the raw, original, text, so scoot on over to read Ms. Coronado’s story called “Get a Grip” (I think the images are safe for work?).

Previous coverage of {CLAW}: 20 Mar 2008, 10 Apr 2008, 8 Jul 2008, 12 Aug 2008, 11 Nov 2008, 22 Jul 2009, & 16 Aug 2009. (And don’t miss some of the CLAW gang in PEP!)


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