Rev. Billy Reaches Out to California

Leave it to the Right-on Reverand Billy to tie about forty-eleventy strings into one bow.

According to Reed Johnson of the Los Angeles Times, Rev. Billy, Savi, and a bunch of the other of them are holed up in LA doing some gigs. They’re trucking along that lefty coast singing the gospel.

On a drizzly evening earlier this week, the Rev. Billy, who calls Mickey Mouse “the Antichrist,” was denouncing the evils of mindless consumerism at CalArts, the Valencia college partly founded and funded by Walt and Roy Disney.

Thursday night, the Rev. Billy and his Life After Shopping Gospel Choir will be preaching their puckishly anti-capitalist message from the bully pulpit of REDCAT, the multipurpose venue tucked inside Walt Disney Concert Hall. A late-night performance was added after the first one sold out.

Mr. Johnson recounts some of the background from which the rightious reverand draws and explains some of the other issues the troup’s raised over the years. There are notes about mountain top removal, street theater, and lots more. There’s even a wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, they’ll be taking time this Saturday to assist an old pal. Performance artist and ex-porn star Annie Sprinkle and her longtime partner and wife, Dr. Beth Stephens, will be reaffirming their vows and striking a blow for same-sex and unconventional unions by “marrying the moon” at Farnsworth Park Amphitheatre in Altadena. More than 100 performers and artists from around the world will be flying in, and the Rev. Billy will officiate.

Read Mr. Johnson’s coverage under the headline “The Rev. Billy brings his anti-shopping message to a hall built on capitalism
A pastor-performance artist brings his spiel to REDCAT, a space built in part by Mickey Mouse.
“. For those who’ve not been getting enough Buy Nothing Day, Earth-a-la-la-llujah, Stop Shopping, Gardens and Mountains, here’s how to get lots and lots more, and how to give.


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