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Were they really such simpler times?

JFK on kitchen stool addressing crowd

Looking at a series of photos from 50 years ago showing John F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign and presidency, I was struck by how simple things seemed. Security was not particularly tight! He’s standing there on a kitchen stool among townsfolk. In other photos one sees that the cameras were rather plain, movie cameras had three lenses. The crowds pressed up around the cars. The first family was young. And then, again, how terribly hard it was that he was killed. See all 26 photos on Also, see the Life magazine feature with other recently released photos.


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Free us from TSA?

David Vincetn Wolf photo graphic rendering of the Statue of Liberty in see-through quasi x-ray

David Vincent Wolf has a dang good take on the flap about

intrusive | invasive | insensitive

[pick one or insert another] searches recommended by the US government. How far will the populace of the home of the free go to be secure? How many freedoms will we sacrifice for safety? What price paranoia?

O.K. That “paranoia” is probably a little hyperbolic. But, hasn’t this gone about far enough?

The image is hot, but if you’d rather have the URL so you can copy it and share it directly here ‘tiz:

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Doggone loyalty

Stick around, Bobby. Hang on, Hachikō. Don’t leave yet, Shep. Spot’s apparently waiting, too.

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Junk mail’s gotta go

daily info graphic on junk mail

Yikes! I ought to do some fact-checking on the data here, but these numbers are awe-inspiring.

In the 1990s or so I began using the Direct Marketing Association’s mechanism for opting out of direct mail. I only have case-study level data, but I can testify that we don’t get as much junk as this graphic indicates we would. We also don’t get as much as some of our friends say they get. I’ve used the DMA for some of my family and seen a substantial reduction in the junk they get, too.

Now, I’d like to see it apply to the horrible marketing I saw in the just-completed election campaign.

The image is linked. Thanks to Jay and Tim Willingham for another good one.

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{CLAW} comeback

Can this be real? Is it just in time for your worst—or, perhaps, best—fears? Will Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers actually return?

Why isn’t there anything on the Web site? 12 November? Usual venue?

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