Randi Rocks!

Oh, no! James Randi wants us to think seriously, skeptically, sensibly?

Oh, yes! He’s challenging us and—horror of horrors!—the manufacturers and the sellers of homeopathic remedies to prove that those ‘remedies’ actually work. Here’s his pitch.

Check out http://1023.org.uk/ and http://www.randi.org/. Keep your eyes open!

They say, “Homeopathy – There’s Nothing In It.”

Thanks, ‘Mazing.



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5 responses to “Randi Rocks!

  1. Real is scientific homeopathy. It cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails. Evidence-based modern homeopathy is a nano-medicine bringing big results for everyone

  2. Hi, oh visitor from I see that you visited from India, where homeopathy is particularly popular [Ghosh AK., Homeopathy: the Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy. 99(2):130-6, 2010 Apr] when leaving this message. Thanks for dropping a note.

    From a search on the name “Nancy Malik,” I also see that you are a tireless advocate for homeopathy. You have left many similar messages. For example, over on Hawk-Handsaw, you have discussed with Paul Wilson and his readers some evidence you cited in support of homeopathy, which he rather thoroughly debunked, but you didn’t quite seem to follow the reasoning in the comments. (By the way, you might note that Skepticat, one of the commenters on Professor Wilson’s blog, is also sometimes reader here, too). Because there has already been so much discussion about the weakness in the evidence you have cited elsewhere about the effects of homeopathy, I hope you won’t call for a rehashing of it here.

    I’ll just focus this reply on the comment you left here. I’m not sure I follow the syntax in your reply, but I take it you would be willing to submit the version of homeopathy you champion to rigorous (that is, third-party, double-blind, etc.) testing. Great! Then it should be possible to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and efficacy. As Mr. Randi indicated in the video, his foundation’s offering $1 million for that successful demonstration.

  3. It’s pity that conventional medicine has to take the help of a magician to counter homeopathic medicine

  4. Dear Nancy Malik,

    (a) If you saw James Randi using magic to make his point, you must not have been watching very closely. Please watch again.

    (b) Reposting a link to an already discredited list of sources does not advance your argument.

    Please desist.

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