JREF Pigasus Awards

In “The 5 Worst Promoters of Nonsense,” the James Randi Education Foundation (JREF) announced this year’s awards to folks who promote misleading, dubious and sometimes downright disingenuous ideas and products—essentially, pitching poop.

The foundation calls these awards “Pigasus Awards” and refers to them as “a Dubious Honor for Dubious Claims.” Its Web site continues, “The Pigasus Awards have been bestowed on the most deserving charlatans, swindlers, psychics, pseudo-scientists, and faith healers—and on their credulous enablers, too. The awards are named for both the mythical flying horse Pegasus of Greek mythology and the highly improbable flying pig of popular cliche.”

Here is a list of the awardees for this year:

  1. The Scientist Pigasus Award goes to NASA Engineer Richard B. Hoover,
  2. The Funder Pigasus Award goes to CVS/pharmacy,
  3. The Media Pigasus Award goes to Dr. Mehmet Oz,
  4. The Performer Pigasus Award—this year for “Best Comeback”—goes to televangelist Peter Popoff, and
  5. The Refusal to Face Reality Award goes to Andrew Wakefield.

To get the scoop on why they’re identified, jump right over to the JREF Web site.

I should note that this Pigasus is a different Pigasus than the famous Pigasus the Immortal, who was promoted for president in 1968 in Chicago.


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