Yay, grads!

clip from xkcd
Randall Munroe’s take on
post-secondary majors.

Over on XKCD (one of my all-time-fave cartoons), Randall Munroe has done it again. He’s produced another marvelous interpretation of the state of the world. Just while I’m finishing up the review of my students’ final exam work and am looking forward to commencement exercises, he’s rendered a cool commentary about higher education that comes flitting through my experience like a butterfly…or is it shooting through like a meteor…or cannonball?

Guide To This Post: (1) Read the XKCD cartoon. (2) Return here and then
What is next? Well, DavidadMIT (David Dalrymple), took Mr. Munroe’s piece as written and sang it (nicely performed and produced, I’d say). And if you go to the YouTube site, you’ll see that it’s getting parodies….

O.K. Back to grading.


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