Talk about dying, please

In some posts here I have reported examples of situations illustrating what I consider to be times when people should be able to hasten their own deaths. I recognize that people have differing views about whether individuals should be able to aid their own death when they are near the end of their own lives. It’s important to me that people have a civil discussion about this matter, not a discussion that is marked by histrionics, name-calling, and illogical argument.

Steve Lopez, who has reported for the Los Angeles Times about cases that evoke compassion about the people involved and with whom I agree about many of these matters, conducted an interview about this subject on 9 August 1012 with two representatives from Compassion & Choices, Judy Epstein and Kathryn Tucker. Admittedly, all three of these folks support the view that people should have options for hastening the end of their lives under certain circumstances. Other people may disagree.

What’s important is that we, the people, need to talk about this. We should do so before the issue becomes critical. We shouldn’t wait until someone we love is dying. I encourage people to watch this discussion about end-of-life options and investigate these issues. Sure, there are legal and legislative matters we can debate, but we also have our own person matters that we need to examine with our own loved ones.

For a primer on earlier posts related to my admiration of Mr. Lopez’s compassionate reporting on this story, simply type his last name into the search box at the top right of the screen and read the entries. Start with the oldest one.


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