Ahh, Brubeck

As the 1950s turned to the 60s, my family wound up in southern California. Our parents got a stereo, and my brother Frank and I started snagging records from lots of sources (nearby stores, Columbia’s record club, and more). We bought 33 rpm LPs, which were a departure from our elder siblings’ purchases, which had been 45 rpm recordings.

Some covers of the Brubeck et al.  33 rpm LP albums

Some covers Brubeck et al. 33 rpm LP albums

CL 1397 “Time Out” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet was one of the big hits we bought on our subscription from Columbia. Oh, we got the Kingston Trio, the Lamplighters, Barbara Streisand, and a host of other artists available through the catalog at that time. But we played the Brubeck album a lot. And when subsequent albums became available, we bought them.

Later, Frank and I divided the collection of albums. I got the Brubeck set. Thanks, Frank. You’re welcome to borrow them anytime. You can listen to “Raggy Waltz,” “Unsquare Dance,” “Trolley Song,” “Bluette,” Cable Car,” or “Blue Rhondo A La Turk” any time then. I’m listening to “Kathy’s Waltz” with its wonderfully minimal bass by E. Wright and brushy work by J. Wright plus the gorgeous front and camping work by both P. Desmond and Brubeck. Even if it’s not one of those 5/4-things, it’s a terrific tour of variations on 4/4.

Frank, do you still have a turntable? Heck, the albums are only a few bucks via on-line sources!

I don’t want to play with the words about “Time Out.” It and some many of these songs were such great achievements. I hear them as people’s ringtones! I find it alternately repulsive and a source of joy that people respond to their phones at the sound of them.

This group, with Brubeck challenging them to push that first beat, went where no one had gone before they did. And it’s still a fascinating listen.


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  1. Of course I listen to Brubeck over and over again. Did we have the Vince Guaraldi Trio album that includes “Cast Your Fate to the Wind?” And what about the Getz/Giberto bossa nova album. I have that on repeat/replay in my car. Never tire of it. The cover painting recently came up for auction at Los Angeles Modern Auctions. I was tempted.

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