Gunning for me?

How many guns do you own? Using data from the International Small Arms Survey, Max Fisher of the Washington Post reported that there are 270 million weapons in private hands in the United States, or about 9 for every 10 US citizens. In an informal survey, I asked a lot of my friends whether they owned guns, and they said “no.” Thus, there must be a lot of people who own more than one to balance out my social circle.

lots of guns lying on a table

But, you know, there’s big money being made from guns and ammo. That’s a point that Bill Moyers makes in his editorial (print version; video version linked to accompanying image) that aired 4 January 2013 on his TV show. It’s a dandy of a commentary that includes a clip of Wayne LaPierre making that extraordinary statement about bad and good guys with guns, echoes of Archie Bunker, and a real-life gun dealer who quit selling guns. That’s why, as Mr. Moyers reports, the gun lobby suppresses discussion about sensible control of weapons. Watch the video of his editorial.

Hey, how about a tax on guns? $100 per year per gun? That and $1 per year per bullet would probably more than solve the nation’s debt problem, no? Maybe there could be some special deductions for folks who feed their families venison and similar game.

I’m not planning to buy a gun anytime soon. If I did buy one, I’d probably buy some molten lead and pour that down the barrel, or bend it, file down the pointy thing on the hammer that strikes the explosive in the bullet…. Hey, it could be a new form or art: Deformed guns. I could be the Salvador Dali of rifles and pistols! How about canons and tanks, too? Imagine melting missiles and aircraft carriers!

Shoot, I might go gunning for non-violence.

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