Why are so many people leaving Facebook?

Bajillions (hahaha) of subscribers love…err, are subscribed…err, are enchained-enslaved to FB, right?

ABC News reported “that there’s a mass exodus from Facebook.” I don’t know what counts as a mass, but why are people leaving FB? Well, the story provides Araceli Cruz’s take from March of 2013.

Alternatively, just watch Extremely Decent Films’ “A Facebook Update In Real Life”:

No, I’m not quitting. I know there are some quit-FB sites, and I know that Danny Sullivan has reported that Google searches for “delet…” are autofilled with “delete facebook account” as the top item and that “how do I delete my facebook account” is trending up in search frequency over the past few years, but I’ll stick with it. I only check it once or a few times a week, anyway.


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