Weekend in Raleigh

Pat’s summer tour for 2013 started in Raleigh this weekend. We had a wonderful visit with friends whom we’ve known for 25 or more years. Sam prepared an excellent 8-person dinner. We learned a bit about Dan’s latest film products including one on Spanish in the Carolina’s). We also had a fine meal at Gonza Tacos y Tequila in Raleigh.

imageSaturday night we visited NC Museum for one of the summer concerts. It was our first visit to the venue since seeing Delbert there in 2006. Doug Paisley opened with a nice acoustic set. Clean, left-handed guitar, good lyrics, and a good voice.

After Mr. Paisley’s opening set, imageGlen Hansard came on with a ten-piece band (Leon filling in on keyboards; strings & horns; I missed the horns in my photo). On a beautiful evening, Mr Hansard and his band played a great, extended show to an appreciative, sometimes-singing-slong audience.

Great weekend!


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