Catlin’s portraits of Native Americans

La-Doo-Ke-A, Buffalo Bull
A Grand Pawnee Warrior

Under the title “Testament and Spectacle” over on Times Quotidian, Theo Alexander has a post about portraits of Native Americans painted by George Catlin in the 19th century that were exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), London, during the spring of 2013. Mr. Alexander’s take about Mr. Catlin’s 1830s-portraits is pretty interesting, but the images themselves are really fascinating (and he writes about that, too).

There’s more about this show available from the museum’s site devoted to the exhibition. The NPG has supporting materials including video interviews and, of course, a store. These portraits apparently are on display at the Smithsonian in Washington (DC, US) and there is an accessible virtual display. The following image of hunters stalking bison by hiding under wolfskins comes from that display.

Buffalo Hunt under Wolf-skin Mask

Times Quotidian, which Nancy Cantwell edits, covers an array of arts and cultural topics. Its other content is worth perusing while one’s there.


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