HB, Julian Bond!

Among the many wonderful colleagues I have had at U.Va., Julian Bond was special. We didn’t know each other well, but when we would encounter each other on a walk across the grounds or at an eatery on the downtown mall, he would raise a hand and nod, tilting his chin just a bit toward his right shoulder, one time as we greeted each other in passing.

Professor Bond may not have had any idea who I was. We only spoke personally a couple-a-few times, and then we spoke only briefly. But he recognized me!

What an honor to be recognized by someone of his considerable stature. Julian Bond, a person who did so much for civil and human rights, took the time to nod to me.

I guess that he did so as a part of the essence of his contribution. It ensures me that he gave a damn about other people, even his colleagues whom he barely knew. He must’ve really cared about people.

It is terrifically important that people acknowledge others. Mr. Bond did so with me. I appreciate his humane consideration.

We the people could use a lot more Julian Bonds. On his birthday, I pledge to carry his mantle.

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