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xkcd comic about pi with caption: my most famous drawing and one of the first I did for the site
Randall Munroe’s Classic Pi Day Comic


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Prescient or Same-old-same-old?

The passing of Mario M. Cuomo, former Governor of the US state of New York, makes me wonder whether he was so savvy that he saw the future or he was just describing conditions that keep recurring. In his speech to the 1984 Democratic National Party Convention, he pitched what I consider one of the most cogent and moving counters to Mr. Ronald Reagan’s economic polices.

Mr. Reagan’s policies were implemented and we have suffered the consequences ever since. Mr. Cuomo anticipated it. He called it. He suggested compassionate, humane alternatives, as in this source for the full speech and these briefer excerpts.

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Munroe on Engelbart and the Mother of All Demos

Randall Munroe on Douglas Engelbart

When I learned that Douglas Engelbart passed away 2 July, the next day I posted a note on my Google account to friends. I thought about posting something here as a more public acknowledgement, but let it slide. Now that that Randall Munroe has this marvelous bit available, I’m happy to echo it as a fitting tribute.

Is it time to watch the “Mother of All Demos” again? The Engelbart archives has it.

It’s also cool that this entry of xkcd is # 1234.

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Weekend in Raleigh

Pat’s summer tour for 2013 started in Raleigh this weekend. We had a wonderful visit with friends whom we’ve known for 25 or more years. Sam prepared an excellent 8-person dinner. We learned a bit about Dan’s latest film products including one on Spanish in the Carolina’s). We also had a fine meal at Gonza Tacos y Tequila in Raleigh.

imageSaturday night we visited NC Museum for one of the summer concerts. It was our first visit to the venue since seeing Delbert there in 2006. Doug Paisley opened with a nice acoustic set. Clean, left-handed guitar, good lyrics, and a good voice.

After Mr. Paisley’s opening set, imageGlen Hansard came on with a ten-piece band (Leon filling in on keyboards; strings & horns; I missed the horns in my photo). On a beautiful evening, Mr Hansard and his band played a great, extended show to an appreciative, sometimes-singing-slong audience.

Great weekend!

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Ahh, Brubeck

As the 1950s turned to the 60s, my family wound up in southern California. Our parents got a stereo, and my brother Frank and I started snagging records from lots of sources (nearby stores, Columbia’s record club, and more). We bought 33 rpm LPs, which were a departure from our elder siblings’ purchases, which had been 45 rpm recordings.

Some covers of the Brubeck et al.  33 rpm LP albums

Some covers Brubeck et al. 33 rpm LP albums

CL 1397 “Time Out” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet was one of the big hits we bought on our subscription from Columbia. Oh, we got the Kingston Trio, the Lamplighters, Barbara Streisand, and a host of other artists available through the catalog at that time. But we played the Brubeck album a lot. And when subsequent albums became available, we bought them.
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Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Adbul-Jabar, Jerry West, & Oscar Robertson from KAJ's Twitpic

Currently I’m reading The Big O and I recently I read West by West. Not long ago, I reported about reading The Rivalry and The Inside Game. So, to those who recognize the subjects of those books, it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed stumbling across this photo in Mr. Adbul-Jabars’ Twitter pix. These are four of the guys whom I’d want in my all-time seven- or eight-man rotation.

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Batesville 10K 2011

I ran the Batesville 10K again this year. It’s still the same rural, beautiful, pastoral, remote, bird-song-filled, and brutal course that it’s always been. I had a lot of fun. It was good to see friends from the local community and run that neighborhood.

Batesville holds a special charm for me for several reasons. (i) It was the first race of any consequence I ever ran; I’d run a local, 2.x-mile Thanksgiving event the year before this, but this was my innaugural race. (ii) The Batesville village, which is essentially a cluster of houses near a store at a crossroads, is near my former home; I used to joke about living in the suburbs of “Greater Batesville.” (iii) It’s the only race I ever DNF’d. (iv) Among local runners, it’s known for its challenging nature and the good spirit of the people who run it; it deserves its reputation as a cult race.
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