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Apple’s Human Family Ad

I understand that advertisements are brief, so the iPhone ad by Apple featuring Maya Angelou’s marvelous “Human Family” had to be limited to 60 sec. Ms. Angelou’s poem runs 105 sec. So, of course, some parts of the poem had to be cut. Well, here’s a link allowing you to hear Ms. Angelou reading the poem in it’s entirety. Sorry. No photos shot on an iPhone or anything else. Just the the elegant, excellent words in her beautiful, more-alike-than-different, human-family voice.

Most readers will see the Apple advertisement without my help.


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Causal pants

Advertisement for 'causal pants'
Causal Pants, Anyone?

I’m almost certain that the copy writer for the advertisement accompanying this post planned to use the word “casual” as an adjective and simply overlooked the transposition of letters in the middle of the word. I, however, could not avoid noticing.

Then I searched the Internet for “causal pants” and I found nearly 300,000 entries. Try it yourself.

Anyway, anyone else got a fav transposition of letters in a word that leads to another, intriguingly connected word?


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Read ‘Hyperbole and a Half’

Over on Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh has some marvelous stuff. She tickles my fancy with irreverent commentaries spiced with quick cartoons. Here’s a brief list of some of my recent faves:

She’s so ‘ffin’ good she has a store! And, she’s very productive. She’s so ‘ffin’ good she has a store! Bookmark this:

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Mr Deity returns

As one or two of the two or three regular readers know, I’m impressed by the Mr. Deity shorts. Well, after a delay following the second season, the third season is available. I recommend it.

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Books Behind Bars comes back

Last month after officials with the Virginia corrections department blocked Books Behind Bars, the Charlottesville non-profit organization that sends books to inmates, from conducting its activities in Virginia prisons, things looked pretty grim for the venerable program supported by local bookstore owner Kay Allison. Citing concerns about contraband (a CD and paperclips) slipping into prisons with the books sent to prisoners by Books Behind Bars and demands on corrections staff to manage the prison end of the program, corrections officials refused to permit the organization to accept any more books that BBB sent in response to requests for them by prisoners.
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Books Behind Bars coverage

It’s good to see additional coverage of Kay Allison’s Books Behind Bars popping up around the Internet:

Here’s a snippet from the Quest Institute’s site. It explains the ways that people can help support the project.

Making a Difference – You Can Help

The success of Books Behind Bars depends on support from our community.

Volunteers are needed to:

» Donate gently used books

» Read letters by prisoners and match donated books with ones they have requested.

» Organize and shelve books in our library.

» Hold a book drive or postage fundraiser with your work, church, or civic group.

» Help with the Annual Bike & Bake Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

Many people in prison have little or no contact with family or friends. Becoming a pen pal would give support and encouragement to those who would welcome the opportunity to correspond with someone.

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Help with a quote

I’m hoping a literate (or even an illiterate) person somewhere can tell me who said something like this:

We need more talk about poems and less talk about poets and poetry.

I may not have the quote exactly right, but that’s the sense of it. I’ve searched extensively, but unsuccessfully. I remember that Henri Coulette mentioned the idea in class one night. In my fuzzy memory, I thought W. D. Snodgrass (or “S. S. Gardons”) might have said it, but I am not sure.


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